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Advance Praise for Next Stop: A Memoir of Family by Glen Finland

“This is not a romance, or even just a heart-warmer. It's a real love story, frank and particular. If you don't like it, you don't like love.” —Roy Blount, Jr.

“Glen Finland has written a memoir of wonderful insight and emotional honesty about … a world that doesn't always understand the differently abled. It may sound like a dark story, and sometimes it is, but Finland lightens it with self-effacing humor and impressive skill in describing small episodes that illuminate larger truths… She ends this love-fueled and enlightening memoir with an image of her son alone on the train...One can't help but wish them both well.” —Chuck Leddy, Minneapolis Star Tribune

VERDICT David’s journey is an eye-opener. The lack of resources for young adults with autism is alarming, and this book highlights the importance of educating employers about how they can hire people on the autism spectrum by simply providing a little extra support and understanding. A great addition for large public libraries with developmental disability collections” —Lisa M. Jordan, Library Journal Review

Next Stop manages both to warm your heart and to break it into a million pieces.” —Claire LaZebnik, author of The Smart One and the Pretty One and coauthor of Overcoming Autism

“Glen Finland’s remarkable, deeply affecting memoir makes you consider all over again the sheer wonder and force of a mother’s love.”  —David Rowell, author of The Train of Small Mercies  

“This is a story that should be read by ALL parents, both for what it teaches about the limits of love and the power of hope; For the way it lets us see what it means to let our children go and lovingly watch and guard over them from a distance we cannot violate. . . You will not soon forget Next Stop.” —Robert Bausch, author of A Hole in the Earth and The Gypsy Man

Next Stop is much more than a memoir of a mother adjusting to life with an autistic son. It is a manual on what makes us human. Illuminating, inspiring, and at times heartbreaking. Brilliant.” —Jack McDevitt, Nebula award-winning author of Firebird

 “When my children didn’t want to go to sleep they would always ask for the same kind of bedtime story ‘about when you were little and got in trouble.’ This is the definition of a bestseller and Next Stop is that kind of a read. . .Reading about the Finland family and how it wrapped its arms around the youngest, most vulnerable member is pure pleasure. Very quickly, the book wraps its arms around you….After the book was over, I looked up and saw David everywhere, which is what Glen Finland set out to do.” —Phyllis Theroux, author of The Journal Keeper